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The Story of CURATED Studio

The uniform is not what it used to be. Every company understands that a stylish corporate uniform can deliver a major boost to your business, a key foundation block to your brand value. The modern uniform is aesthetic. It elevates your brand and sets it apart in the very competitive marketplace. It speaks to professionalism, style, and quality for your employees, products and service offerings.

But more often than not, we find employees with ill-fitting uniforms that are either oversized or inconsistent with the overall corporate brand image. So we, at CURATED, have set out to streamline your style to reflect your corporate individuality, an invaluable investment that goes a long way.

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We are a purpose-driven business with a passion for original design and a single-minded focus on developing higher-performing quality uniform products that last.
We believe a good design puts functionality at its heart, which is why we obsess over every detail, button & seam, to ensure our uniforms not only look the part but are high performing for comfortable wear.

Since the beginning of 2000, we have worked with many clients, helping them achieve the style to look and feel their best. We think deeply about the functional requirements of our uniforms to ensure they meet the needs of our clients - building brands through the design, manufacture, and supply of a range of quality modern uniforms that they want to wear.

With a focus on simplifying the process, using efficient and cost-effective approaches driven by innovation, managing your employees’ uniforms is as easy as can be.

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Differentiates Us

One of our main strengths is in our design capabilities whereby our team of professional designers are trained in areas of apparel design and development.

With our skills, we are able to provide design consultancy for clients or government agencies who doesn't want their corporate image to be restricted by uniform manufacturers limited scope.

We will conceptualise, design and produce a production guideline for clients to outsource their uniform manufacturing with a standard guideline creating uniform designs that best represent their brand and its value.

We provide hassle-free and efficient service to all of our customers with:

  • Professional Design Capabilities

  • Strong background in tailoring with superior understanding of good fit

  • Design-led uniform at wholesale pricing

  • High performing quality with stylish design

  • Flexibility in providing for small quantity orders or bulk orders.

  • Do not compromise on our quality

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Curated Studio is helmed by acclaimed designer Daphne Tan, a veteran with 20+ years of professional experience in the fashion industry.


Leading a team of designers, with the belief that visual aesthetics is the key to corporate success,


We serve our clienteles both locally and internationally with one uniform purpose, to help their consumers "Remember Them" via their corporate image. 



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