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Initial Consultation 
and Designing


Prototyping of Sample


Production of Final Design


Final Fitting and Alteration

Initial Consultation
and Designing

To kickstart the collaboration, we will provide you with a brief questionnaire. This will help us gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs and your unique requirements.

For example, your preferred color palette or specific theme as per your corporate branding guidelines, how the uniforms are normally laundered and job functions are important information for us to know.

Tell us about your style, quantity, and budget to help formulate ideas that meet your needs. We will also share our insights into current global fashion trends and practical functional tips at this session to provide some inspiration to help define your ideas well.

This second round of consultation will allow you to visualize the ideal uniform that you desire. We will evaluate the design options together, to further improve the functionality and style to suit your needs and finalize the design details.

Equipped with a perfect understanding of your needs, color themes and design for various roles you have in mind, we’ll prepare mood boards, collate a variety of suitable fabric swatches and present several design sketch options to share with your team.


Prototyping Of Sample

After the initial design selection, we will present a prototype sample of the chosen design. To meet our strict quality policies and to ensure that the product is optimized for long-term uniform usage, a fair bit of testing will be done before this meeting.

We believe in transparency and will always seek your approval as we go along so that there are no surprises at the end to ensure the whole process is as seamless as possible. A final sample will be produced before production begins to ensure your team is satisfied with the result.


Production of
Final Design

Once you are happy with the design and prototype, we will proceed to take the measurements for our skilled pattern makers to draft and cut the fabric according to the garment specification before sending it to the production team to manufacture the uniform. At this stage of collating your first order for production, it is important to finalize the following:

1, What quantity do you need for each garment type? 

2. Do you require standard sizing or made to measure sizing?

3. How many items will you order in the initial batch?

4. When and how do you want us to replenish future supply?

5. When do you expect your first delivery?

Production timelines can vary with an average lead time around 4 - 6 weeks from sign-off to delivery and dispatch to your door. With our rigorous quality control process, uniforms are thoroughly checked for measurement discrepancies and product defects before sending them your way. You can be assured that the uniform you are receiving is of the highest quality made with love and care.

Reviewing the above will ensure that you will receive your supply in a timely fashion.

suits hanging on rack

Final Fitting and 

At Curated, we believe a satisfied customer is key in building a lasting relationship.


If you need after-sales services such as alterations, or specific requests, we welcome your valuable feedback. We appreciate the opportunity for recovery and will try our very best to help you. We hope you will enjoy the stylish quality uniform that represents your brand direction.






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